Ironman The Movie

Movie day: Ironman The Movie

Always excited with the Super Hero Movie (except Superman The Returns–haven’t seen it). The animation, the technology, and even the Actor (which is always looking good even in a mess), always make me want to join my kids to the cinema. Although he prefer me not to come.

This new movie do the same.  l love the transformation from human to the robot. I love the high technologies that shown. Even The Transformers Movie was better, especially the colorful truck Optimus Prime, this time the robot costume was Red and Gold color. The luxury color, adapted life of the billionaire Tony Sparks (cast by Robert Downey Jr, who was sooo coool……)–Still thought about Charlie Chaplin, or little bit unserious comedian man, but here, he’s just so….AWESOME….

However, the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow’s act was not so stunning. Just ordinary. As an assistant of Mr. Sparks, she wear too-high-maybe-12cms heels. She couldn’t even run while the evil robot tried to chase her. But she’s very beautiful.

After all, we satisfied with the movie, ’cause for watching this kind of heroic movie, we didn’t have to take it seriously.  Never expect theories or logical things.



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