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This Sunday

June 29, 2008

We had breakfast @ Ming Setiabudi. Me and my little son drove a car. My hubby rode a motorcycle. My eldest son was staying over @ my mum’s.

After enjoying cheong-fan, chicken feet and siaomay, we went home separate way. Today, Sudirman Road was closed for vehicle, there was an event (had no idea what is it), so, me got lost in somewhere in Central Jakarta. From Setiabudi, to Kuningan, Menteng, the cops everywhere, directed us out of Thamrin, then Menteng again twice, confused to find away  back to Kuningan again. After almoust 45 minutes, I found it. Passing Setiabudi building again :(.


However, I ended this day by wash my hair, masked it with deep conditioning, scrub and  mask my face, get a lazy pampering time….. hhmmm….. 


Stress Management

June 29, 2008

Peoples (a.k.a. women) said that shopping will releasing your stress. As a woman, I’m not really into those things cos I don’t like shopping.

Stress management is the issue itself, so, shopping will add more stress for women if they didn’t have money to spend. I think that we have to sit down, relax, breath in-out to help ourself. Praying or meditation will give more benefit.

But not for me yesterday. I was so stressful with the situation (I use the word ‘situation’ cause I didn’t wanna mention ‘somebody’. I didn’t wanna blame someone because stress situation was created by me, people around me, etc). I really wanna go out, then I remembered that we have ‘100 days pengajian’ for my then-brother-in-law. I planned to sent fruits. So I went to fruit shop, buying grapes and salaks for the event, and BUYING FRUITS THAT I LOVE, all sweet taste, mango, persimmon, orange navel, and cantaloupe.

Then I went home. Suddenly all my stress was gone…fly away… Then I just realise that SHOPPING is really WORK for me. Fot those girls, shopping are mean buying clothes, shoes and other accessories. For me, fruits are the answer… or deserts, anyone???

P.S. I didn’t pay in cash,the bill will come next month, another SMART way to manage my stress ūüėõ

New Hair Cut

June 26, 2008

After almost one year, thought today is a perfect day to go to Beauty Salon to cut my hair.

Mine is long, thick and curly and I already smoothed them couple months ago.

I didn’t have split ends (yes, some of them) but they were dry and frizzy. So I have to get rid of them.

The hairstylist (my first time with him) asked me to stand up while he cut. Then when he asked to sit, my head had to turn right, turn left, looking up, down….(my first time too that I met this uncommon hairstylist).

Now I have 6cm-below-shoulder lengths with healthier ends.

Love it, but still love the longer one with HEALTHY ends. The stylist said that ‘Treatment is the Key’.

And oh, I already got 4 new magz to read, but the stylist and the man who blow drying are talking too much that i couldn’t even open the magz….sigh, I love to read while somebody doing my hair..:{


Today’s Note

June 23, 2008
  • Finishing drawing for my hubby’s project.
  • Hit the gym, cross trainer for just 10 minutes…puhleeeasseee… where’s the energy???….so let’s weight training….LOTS OF IT!!!
  • Printing 4 x 6 cm photos for applying visa. Fill in the form… (not yet till this time..)
  • Finishing my crochet project
  • Company kids do Iqro session
  • Then to worst thing happen, the electricity shuts down, or was it turned off!!!

Already 5 PM, getting dark outside. Uuurrhghhhh, hate it

My Throw’s Pic

June 23, 2008


My First Crochet Throw

June 21, 2008

After 4 months, plus 2 lazy-to-touch-hook-months, finally I finished my first throw. Well it isn’t actually throw ( I rather named it my warmer blanket). The throw itself consists of 28 (7 x 4) squares, with different pattern each. The real project was 63 patterns (9 x 7). But I couldn’t stand it. So I negotiate with my mentor (The lovely Mrs. Elly) to reduce the number. Then we got 28 squares.

The small throw (Mrs. Elly said it was too small for a couch, but quite big enough to be showed off :P) consists of blue (my very favourite color) and white and variegated colors. I always love mix-colored yarns. Mrs. Elly has¬†many of it, I couldn’t resist to take more than one¬†skein. But she always remind me,¬†that I have to decide what am I gonna make from it, or you gonna waste it. No, I don’t think so, even if I¬†don’t make anything from that skein, I¬†just love to stare¬†on them. Enjoy the colors.¬†¬†





Sex and The City The Movie

June 15, 2008

Midnite Show  @ PIM2

Really, really love this movie…

Am a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw, so couldn’ wait to see her again.

Her life, dresses and shoes….really what girls are dream about, except her lovelife.

Her chic style never failed to make oooohhhh…..aaahh….. from our vision. Her after-renovation apartment, with light blue painting is really a big oommphhh.¬†¬†

This is my fave movie of course, I couldn’t take my eyes off¬†the screen, I didn’t go to toilet either.¬†I didn’t wanna miss a¬† thing..

My suggest, please go and see with your bestfriends…especially¬†girls…cos this movie show about true friendship, that your bestfriend be there and always helpful for you.

Love it…love it….

Stomach Problem

June 12, 2008

Haven’t update the blog lately.

I got gastro problem. Already a week . In the morning, seems like nothing happen, in the afternoon, my stomach filled of gas. Like am being 4 mths pregnant.

Maybe I didn’t control my food. I still eat spicy and oily….coffee and smoking too. IT IS MY OWN FAULT. And I didn’t take medicine until yesterday I drank Polysilene Syrup, that consumed 1-2 hour after meals. Not too bad, my stomach wasn’t too big but YES, still ful of gas. I have to burp all the time (sorry…).

The worse is I got sore throat now. I got fever too. I really don’t know what happen to my body. I do sport. I check my daily food. I reduce carbs and fat, but couldn’t resist SWEET things.

Then now I’m laying on my bed, feeling dizzy and awful while chewing my throat lozenges….




Indonesian Movie: Radit & Jani

June 4, 2008

This movie was launched last year, didn’t have time to see, until last night. In my bedroom, while waiting my husband came home late.

The movie was about two couples, starred by Vino G. Bastian (really love this guy) and Fahrani (a model-become-actress). A husband was a junkie, and the wife, a chain-smoker. Both live in a hard money and hard world,in a very dull and dirty rent house. They really in love each other. They really didn’t have some money (if the did, they spend it for beer and heroin). They stole whatever, from chips to handphone. As long as they did it together.

Things were change when she was pregnant. He, as a high-tempered man who difficult to face the other live, was a really sweet guy for his lover. They really need the money for their life.

The ended was so…touchy.. Couldn’t hold my tears.

Dissapointed with my internet connection

June 3, 2008

My internet connection which is from IndosatM2, is very sllooooowwwwww….

It happened 3 months ago, when the modem become “GPRS” instead of “UMTS”. That means the connection getting slower (a.k.a take ages to load)….

Already called the customer services, they said about “the IndosatM2 is improving the network” or “maybe busy time, tons of people are connecting, so I couldn’t get the 3.5G”…”or your modem need to be serviced…”

The worse is, I already contracted for 12 months installation (6 months so far)… well, please enjoy the snail path….