Indonesian Movie: Radit & Jani

This movie was launched last year, didn’t have time to see, until last night. In my bedroom, while waiting my husband came home late.

The movie was about two couples, starred by Vino G. Bastian (really love this guy) and Fahrani (a model-become-actress). A husband was a junkie, and the wife, a chain-smoker. Both live in a hard money and hard world,in a very dull and dirty rent house. They really in love each other. They really didn’t have some money (if the did, they spend it for beer and heroin). They stole whatever, from chips to handphone. As long as they did it together.

Things were change when she was pregnant. He, as a high-tempered man who difficult to face the other live, was a really sweet guy for his lover. They really need the money for their life.

The ended was so…touchy.. Couldn’t hold my tears.

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