Stomach Problem

Haven’t update the blog lately.

I got gastro problem. Already a week . In the morning, seems like nothing happen, in the afternoon, my stomach filled of gas. Like am being 4 mths pregnant.

Maybe I didn’t control my food. I still eat spicy and oily….coffee and smoking too. IT IS MY OWN FAULT. And I didn’t take medicine until yesterday I drank Polysilene Syrup, that consumed 1-2 hour after meals. Not too bad, my stomach wasn’t too big but YES, still ful of gas. I have to burp all the time (sorry…).

The worse is I got sore throat now. I got fever too. I really don’t know what happen to my body. I do sport. I check my daily food. I reduce carbs and fat, but couldn’t resist SWEET things.

Then now I’m laying on my bed, feeling dizzy and awful while chewing my throat lozenges….





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