My First Crochet Throw

After 4 months, plus 2 lazy-to-touch-hook-months, finally I finished my first throw. Well it isn’t actually throw ( I rather named it my warmer blanket). The throw itself consists of 28 (7 x 4) squares, with different pattern each. The real project was 63 patterns (9 x 7). But I couldn’t stand it. So I negotiate with my mentor (The lovely Mrs. Elly) to reduce the number. Then we got 28 squares.

The small throw (Mrs. Elly said it was too small for a couch, but quite big enough to be showed off :P) consists of blue (my very favourite color) and white and variegated colors. I always love mix-colored yarns. Mrs. Elly has many of it, I couldn’t resist to take more than one skein. But she always remind me, that I have to decide what am I gonna make from it, or you gonna waste it. No, I don’t think so, even if I don’t make anything from that skein, I just love to stare on them. Enjoy the colors.  







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