New Hair Cut

After almost one year, thought today is a perfect day to go to Beauty Salon to cut my hair.

Mine is long, thick and curly and I already smoothed them couple months ago.

I didn’t have split ends (yes, some of them) but they were dry and frizzy. So I have to get rid of them.

The hairstylist (my first time with him) asked me to stand up while he cut. Then when he asked to sit, my head had to turn right, turn left, looking up, down….(my first time too that I met this uncommon hairstylist).

Now I have 6cm-below-shoulder lengths with healthier ends.

Love it, but still love the longer one with HEALTHY ends. The stylist said that ‘Treatment is the Key’.

And oh, I already got 4 new magz to read, but the stylist and the man who blow drying are talking too much that i couldn’t even open the magz….sigh, I love to read while somebody doing my hair..:{



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