Stress Management

Peoples (a.k.a. women) said that shopping will releasing your stress. As a woman, I’m not really into those things cos I don’t like shopping.

Stress management is the issue itself, so, shopping will add more stress for women if they didn’t have money to spend. I think that we have to sit down, relax, breath in-out to help ourself. Praying or meditation will give more benefit.

But not for me yesterday. I was so stressful with the situation (I use the word ‘situation’ cause I didn’t wanna mention ‘somebody’. I didn’t wanna blame someone because stress situation was created by me, people around me, etc). I really wanna go out, then I remembered that we have ‘100 days pengajian’ for my then-brother-in-law. I planned to sent fruits. So I went to fruit shop, buying grapes and salaks for the event, and BUYING FRUITS THAT I LOVE, all sweet taste, mango, persimmon, orange navel, and cantaloupe.

Then I went home. Suddenly all my stress was gone…fly away… Then I just realise that SHOPPING is really WORK for me. Fot those girls, shopping are mean buying clothes, shoes and other accessories. For me, fruits are the answer… or deserts, anyone???

P.S. I didn’t pay in cash,the bill will come next month, another SMART way to manage my stress 😛


One Response to “Stress Management”

  1. Ema Says: course shopping is releasing your stress since you gave the bill to oke!..ha.ha…
    no offense sin 🙂

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