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Inside My Bag

July 30, 2008

If you read my blog lately, you’ll notice I had new bag. Well, actually that’s not real bag, it more like luggage, small-hard-little bit heavy bag. The shop had so many kinds of this bag which is hard to choose. Im thinking of wearing it someday, but now I’m not sure I WILL WEAR IT AROUND.

So, I rather put my scrapbook things that I found on my last journey.

What’d you think?


Batman : The Dark Knights

July 29, 2008

Went to cinema to see the latest Batman Movie. With my father and my sons and my cousins. Actually, it isn’t kids movie. The Joker is scary (thumbs up for Heath Ledger, he was such a gorgeous actor). Me, haven’t seen the Batman Begin (TDK is the sequel), little bit confuse with the Scarecrow appearance. And Maggie Gyllenhaal, love her…she really got a style.

After all, I’m not really fans of this movie, I prefer the non-Batman Begin era. Where Michael Keaton, George Clooney had been superheroes. More colors. And more cool. But I am interesting with Christian Bale.. Got to see 3:10 to Yuma.

Cont’d…: Journey

July 29, 2008

July 12

Weekend. Perfect time to go to Fremantle today. Always love this place. The market, the shops, the atmosphere… Inside there are everything from furnishings, prints, pottery, leather goods, authentic antiques, jewellery, etc. Even seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, breads, coffees and any other gourmet delights. Don’t skip the strawberry-choc-dipped, or you like marsmallow instead. The Markets area located on the corner of South Terrace and Henderson St, near Fremantle Railway Station. Open on weekend and public holidays. Here I found a store, fully with funky-retro-vintage-look things…. It was lovely place…




My invention from the market

One bag is not enough!!


July 13

I love Kings Park. About 400 hectares, this area has been developed as a scenic recreational and educational facility. Here you can cycling, running, jogging or walking. Playgrounds, barbeques and picnic lawns are provided for families outing.


City view from Kings Park

Let’s move to City. Unfortunately, I hadn’t take many pics, so many shops to see :p, so busy to hold a camera.  However, I found good spot. Called London Court, it is a small path with unique little shops on your sides.


July 14

Today we went to Westfield Carrousel (….again).

July 15

Today we’re going back to Jakarta. It was raining all day. Our flight tonight is @ 1.00am.

Couple days ago, I went to neighborhood to take pictures.. It was very quite suburb. The flowers are blooming everywhere. The winter is almost end. So it’s not so cold anymore. Yet, still layering outfit, and throwing a scarf.



Journey to Perth

July 22, 2008

We went to Perth last week, so I will tell you my stories as I promise @ my last post.

July, 9

We flight by SQ so we had to transit at S’pore. Didn’t like this idea, prefer to choose the straight flight. Departed from JKT at 2.15 pm, arrives at 4.20 pm, S’pore time. But I always love Changi Airport. We could sit there a day and didn’t feel boring at all. Well, at least for me…

There were 9 (nine) of us, including 3 kids and an infant. We got 5 big luggage, and 2 baby strollers plus 3 cabin handbags. Can you imagine how busy we were??

The flight to Perth was at 7.50pm. After 4-5 hour flight, we arrived at Perth at 00.15. Phhuhh…. so late, rite?? The weather was cold about 8 degree celsius, and little bit rainy. Always love the coffee smell from the cafe outside the arrival gate. Not really sure the name is. Cavarra Cafe??

July, 10

Woke up late, went to Coles groceries near house. Ups, forgot to mention. We stayed at my hubby’s friend’s house, at Bentley suburb, about 10 minutes from city, and 10 minutes from airport as well.

Preparing breakfast, fried instant noodle, then we ready to go to Cohunu Koala and Native Wildlife Park, about 35 minutes from our place. It was our second time here, and we were still have fun here. Gorgeous color of peacocks, holding koalas and getting around with Kangguru. Little bit rain.


What a combination color!!


Scratching Kanguru


We realised that no restaurant/cafe here, (the rotating resto already closed at 2 pm), so we’re off to Westfield Carrousel to get late lunch.

July, 11

Our agenda today was AQWA – The Aquarium of Western Australia. We were soo in love with this place. From underwater journey, to playful seals or touching pool, the place is a must-see attraction. Located just 30 minutes from our place.


Beautiful Jellymoons


Wall art


Way to underwater seal area


The Harbour


We had lunch at AQWA CAFE. Nice food, but the place was so crowded.

OK, that’s for today, I’ll add more post later. Got to pick my son. 

Baby Blanket

July 22, 2008

This project is for my niece. She’s 5 months old this July, and she will follow us to Perth. So I planned to crocheting her baby blanket.

I went to Mrs E, my mentor, to choose any kind of yarns for my project. then after almost one hour, I picked 3 gorgeous combination.

I made it when home, finished in only 2 days, plus, I made a baby hat too…

Here’s the pic.

Haven’t updating yet

July 19, 2008

‘Last week I went to Perth, Australia for vacation….

This is the reason I haven’t blogging yet…

I’ll posting some stories and pictures later…

Promise to do it ASAP….

The Incredible Hulk Movie

July 3, 2008

I’m not so interest with this green monster. But Edward Norton is my goal. I thought he was a cool actor (I hate and love him as well when saw Malcolm X). For me, he was cool and mean man. He rarely smile at Hulk, but wanna hug him for his pity life :P. But he was too skinny for being a giant.

But you have to see the ending. I was sooo surprised someone was coming at the ending.

Cisarua Trip

July 3, 2008

Today we went to Cisarua for our kids vacation.

There were 2 big cars, 1 for kids, and 1 for the parents. Around 20 peoples included kids and infants.

Started to go @8a.m.,  an hour late from scheduled time. Arrived @Cows Farmer about 10a.m. This farmer had around 10o cows and produced about 1500litres everyday. The cows come from Australia. Our kids were sooooo excited, cos they really can touch the cows and gave milks to baby cows and playing with them.

We had lovely lunch, thank to Vienna, a birthday mom who provide lunch for hungry moms and kids….

Nice weather. Take lots of flower pics (show later).

Then we went to Taman Safari. This place wasn’t change since we were here couple years ago.

We had sooo much fun this day. Yes, we were sooo tireddd and smell of cows.. But we had sooo much laugh….