Cisarua Trip

Today we went to Cisarua for our kids vacation.

There were 2 big cars, 1 for kids, and 1 for the parents. Around 20 peoples included kids and infants.

Started to go @8a.m.,  an hour late from scheduled time. Arrived @Cows Farmer about 10a.m. This farmer had around 10o cows and produced about 1500litres everyday. The cows come from Australia. Our kids were sooooo excited, cos they really can touch the cows and gave milks to baby cows and playing with them.

We had lovely lunch, thank to Vienna, a birthday mom who provide lunch for hungry moms and kids….

Nice weather. Take lots of flower pics (show later).

Then we went to Taman Safari. This place wasn’t change since we were here couple years ago.

We had sooo much fun this day. Yes, we were sooo tireddd and smell of cows.. But we had sooo much laugh….


2 Responses to “Cisarua Trip”

  1. Pleasant Holiday Vacations Says:

    What is the name of the cow farm ?

  2. chicfuchsia Says:

    namanya ga tau, krn tau dr kenalan, tp ntn kl dah dpt dikabarin,tq 4 visiting…

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