Cont’d…: Journey

July 12

Weekend. Perfect time to go to Fremantle today. Always love this place. The market, the shops, the atmosphere… Inside there are everything from furnishings, prints, pottery, leather goods, authentic antiques, jewellery, etc. Even seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, breads, coffees and any other gourmet delights. Don’t skip the strawberry-choc-dipped, or you like marsmallow instead. The Markets area located on the corner of South Terrace and Henderson St, near Fremantle Railway Station. Open on weekend and public holidays. Here I found a store, fully with funky-retro-vintage-look things…. It was lovely place…




My invention from the market

One bag is not enough!!


July 13

I love Kings Park. About 400 hectares, this area has been developed as a scenic recreational and educational facility. Here you can cycling, running, jogging or walking. Playgrounds, barbeques and picnic lawns are provided for families outing.


City view from Kings Park

Let’s move to City. Unfortunately, I hadn’t take many pics, so many shops to see :p, so busy to hold a camera.  However, I found good spot. Called London Court, it is a small path with unique little shops on your sides.


July 14

Today we went to Westfield Carrousel (….again).

July 15

Today we’re going back to Jakarta. It was raining all day. Our flight tonight is @ 1.00am.

Couple days ago, I went to neighborhood to take pictures.. It was very quite suburb. The flowers are blooming everywhere. The winter is almost end. So it’s not so cold anymore. Yet, still layering outfit, and throwing a scarf.




4 Responses to “Cont’d…: Journey”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    cute bags… btw, r u gonna wear it? i dont think so. i’m having trouble reading your blog…susunannya itu lohh ngebingungin apalgi dengan adanya pics so i dont know which one is which, but i’ll figure it out. nice pics btw.

  2. chicfuschia Says:

    was it confusing??? the pics sequences?? i’ll try to fix it

  3. chicfuschia Says:

    i’m planning to wear it but now I doubt it :P, i’ll post a pic later what i already did w/ my cute bag….

  4. r.a.r.u Says:

    yes, i see now that you’re wearing your bag or luggage. but not wearing it out, huh? better than not wearing it at all deh yahh…

    hey you know what, i think it’s not that confusing. the “london court” pics, i thought those are the pics from westfield carrousel. my bad, i read it from the bottom to the top.

    keep up the good work.

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