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JOurney to marble FACTORY

October 30, 2008

Today me and my friends went to Marble Store for our interior project. Unfortunately the store didn’t have lots of samples. Then we have to go to factory which the sales said about 30 minutes from store. It was in Tangerang, the industrial area.

The factory was huge, about 3 hectares. The salesperson said IT IS THE BIGGEST MARBLE MANUFACTURER.

And we get so many samples, the salesperson so informative and really kind to give us whatever we need.

I took some pics.


DSC03479 Marbles row..


DSC03481 Scary machine!!!



October 28, 2008

I forgot to bring my camera for the performance last night, so I couldn’t put any pic from last night.

Wake up little bit late. So, no time for gym, ready for quick breakfast. Already had appointment @ 9am for massage.

Pampering time for 2.5 hours. Nice place and massage.

Packing. We’re gonna check out today. One of the team brought us the famous Nasi Bungkus Wardani. So we had lunch at our room. Our flight’s at 6pm. No time for shopping around.

DSC03476 Tables @beachside

DSC03477 This morning drinks

DSC03463 Lobby Front

DSC03465 Swimming Pool


bali day two

October 28, 2008

Wake up early, cos my hubby is going to golf at 6am. Couldn’t sleep again. Hmmm, it’s time for ME TIME. Blogging and browsing. Then hit the gym. Running, crosstraining and weightlifting. Take pictures. Little bit rainy.

Then go to beachside to get breakfast. Western, Asian, Japanese breakfast, difficult choice. Pick Japanese, healthy yet powerful breakfast.

Back to room, ready to take relax in a bath tub full of bubbles…Too bad my kids weren’t here, they must be love this place. Then hit the bed for a little nap until my friend called me for going out.

Going around than had lunch around 3pm at Bali Nikmat. It’s chinese resto with delicious lobster and udang kipas (was it Fan-Prawn??). No wonder I gained my weight and very sure that my cholesterol number is increasing.

At noon, back to hotel, showering, and ready attending the private dinner at the beachside.

Our host invited guest singer named Vina Panduwinata for the dinner. She’s one of the diva singer in my country.

DSC03462 My morning snack



DSC03472 Yummy!!

Bali Day one

October 24, 2008

Wake up at 3.45am, have to pack everything. Ready to go @7.00am, drop kids at school. They little bit cranky yesterday ’cause of me leaving, but today they seem OK. My flight was at 9.30. Got to picked up my friend first, then go straight to Cengkareng.

Our flight was on scheduled, so we departed at 12.00 noon. We stayed at The Samaya, at Seminyak Bali. Bali’s weather sunny and dry, but Jakarta’s today is almost the same.

My husband’s flight is at 3.30pm, so I have to come to my room alone, and can’t stand to take picture inside our villa. Here’s take a peek.

DSC03458 Our Bed


DSC03459 Sidepool


DSC03452 Bathroom


DSC03454 Me love toilettries.


DSC03457Fruit Compliment


Then we went to Seminyak and Kta for city-seeing. I went to Bali about 8 years ago, and now little bit shocking because it’s more crowded and hectic. Last time here, the Seminyak road is still full of harvest land, but now, it’s full of shops.Beautiful boutiques that really got a taste. But the stuffs inside sometimes very different with the windows display. Sometimes to quality not equal to the gorgeous interior.

We had lunch at  Warung Made Seminyak, for the famous Nasi Campur. Then we got shopping again until dinner time, at Jimbaran beach. Seafood here was great. We sat beachside, lightened by candles.

Am very sleepy and tired, but still our group wanna enjoying beach at aour villas. The night wind was little bit strong. But the Cream Brullee was hard to resist. And the cappucino’s good either.

Sleep at 1am.

long time no blog

October 23, 2008

I’ve been fasting this whole week and my internet time already overlimited  this month, couldn’t stop reading anybook, and don’t forget the unfinished crochet project…..aren’t there any acceptable reasons for not blogging ??? Or was it my lazy attitude??

Going to Bali this weekend. Hopefully lotta things to write, to take pics, and to share here.

See you.

Bali, I’m coming…

I’m in love with…

October 15, 2008

Have you read the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse Tetralogy? (the fourth book is Breaking Dawn). The books written by Stephenie Meyer. The story is about a 17 years old girl who fall in love with a vampire. Yes, A VAMPIRE. No. It’s not horror/scary/thriller books. More about romance.

She describes the vampire has a beautiful face, gorgeous-goddess-like body. And he is very romantic. I’m in love with him. Couldn’t stop reading this book. And I keep reading, reading, and reading it again, in several chapter. Especially where he always company his lover in her bedroom. The way he kissses her…

And there is the film too. Releases next month. You have to see the trailer, , the vampire is slighty different with my imagination, but still, I can’t wait too see the movie.

sticky sandals

October 9, 2008

Myfriend gave me a birthday package:

  • Famous Amos Choc Chip Cookies
  • Scrapthing with my name and year (uhm..) on it
  • 2 books : Five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, Man and Boy (Tony Parsons)
  • Sticky Sandals

What funny is The Sticky Sandals. It is the sandals with glue on top. Yes. Glue. Not the same glue that we use for creative things. The glue is sticky but didn’t stay on our foot. Little bit confused, I called my friend and little bit shame too, I asked ’bout the sandals. Then we ended laughing together. My friend didn’t know either. She said, it was popular in Bali. All I have to do, is put my foot on top of it like usual sandals. The sandals didn’t have something to hold my foot. But the glue make my foot stay calm. I has the manual, “If this sandal is dirty, or loose the stickiness, just wash it with water”

So I try it on, but cannot stop laughing. It is weird yet funny. You cannot see the sandals, but you have something that hook you underneath. DSC03304


PS. Just finished Mitch Albom book. Love it. Gonna find the other book by him.

holiday @mulia hotel

October 7, 2008


These are pics that I get from Mulia Hotel.

Cannot take more pictures, the place is full and pack.

DSC03252 Our Room

DSC03253 Side Table

DSC03256 City View

DSC03257 Pool from room


Heyy, I even didn’t photo the bathroom…..aarrgghhh….

today is my birthday

October 7, 2008


Invited from Ali Edwards, have to document our life everyday in a week. I think today, was the right time to start my week. Plus today is Monday.

Here’s the picture for today

DSC03275 Crossword from yesterday newspaper

DSC03277 Flower from Mum-in-Law

DSC03285 Book of the week

DSC03286 New Indiana Jones Lego for VitoDSC03287 Coffee Table

-Wake Up @6.30

-Morning coffee, newspaper and little bit crossword.

-Cook fried rice for my hubby’s breakfast. Too busy too take a pic.

-Check my oldest son’s head. He got fever last night.


-Clean up room.

-Guest coming. Kids’ teacher.

-Showering my little son.

-Checking email, reply greetings from cellphone and facebook.

-Kids still on holiday. Play Lego and watch movie @home.


-Autocad work. My sis’ home project.

-Read book.

-Tidy the coffee table.

– Work

-Hubby came home

-Dinner together


-Preparing kids to sleep

-My family came over about 1 hr

-Finishing my book of the week

-Sleep @1am


October 7, 2008

Happy Lebaran all of you….