sticky sandals

Myfriend gave me a birthday package:

  • Famous Amos Choc Chip Cookies
  • Scrapthing with my name and year (uhm..) on it
  • 2 books : Five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, Man and Boy (Tony Parsons)
  • Sticky Sandals

What funny is The Sticky Sandals. It is the sandals with glue on top. Yes. Glue. Not the same glue that we use for creative things. The glue is sticky but didn’t stay on our foot. Little bit confused, I called my friend and little bit shame too, I asked ’bout the sandals. Then we ended laughing together. My friend didn’t know either. She said, it was popular in Bali. All I have to do, is put my foot on top of it like usual sandals. The sandals didn’t have something to hold my foot. But the glue make my foot stay calm. I has the manual, “If this sandal is dirty, or loose the stickiness, just wash it with water”

So I try it on, but cannot stop laughing. It is weird yet funny. You cannot see the sandals, but you have something that hook you underneath. DSC03304


PS. Just finished Mitch Albom book. Love it. Gonna find the other book by him.


4 Responses to “sticky sandals”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    O.M.G….cute sandals…hihihihiih never seen it b4 and uuhh famous amos nyamm nyammm… Some gifts u got. I’ve read that book, too, but not as good as nicholas sparks.

  2. chicfuchsia Says:

    yeah pasti lo bilang Nicholas Spark….lo kan fans beratnya….

  3. deydun Says:

    kaki look-nya boljug tuhhh…

  4. deydun Says:

    …hhhmmmm…. at second thoughts, jd inget online ad-nya orange bali (aksesoris bazar dulu :p)
    bwuahahahaha *ktawa guling2*

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