Bali Day one

Wake up at 3.45am, have to pack everything. Ready to go @7.00am, drop kids at school. They little bit cranky yesterday ’cause of me leaving, but today they seem OK. My flight was at 9.30. Got to picked up my friend first, then go straight to Cengkareng.

Our flight was on scheduled, so we departed at 12.00 noon. We stayed at The Samaya, at Seminyak Bali. Bali’s weather sunny and dry, but Jakarta’s today is almost the same.

My husband’s flight is at 3.30pm, so I have to come to my room alone, and can’t stand to take picture inside our villa. Here’s take a peek.

DSC03458 Our Bed


DSC03459 Sidepool


DSC03452 Bathroom


DSC03454 Me love toilettries.


DSC03457Fruit Compliment


Then we went to Seminyak and Kta for city-seeing. I went to Bali about 8 years ago, and now little bit shocking because it’s more crowded and hectic. Last time here, the Seminyak road is still full of harvest land, but now, it’s full of shops.Beautiful boutiques that really got a taste. But the stuffs inside sometimes very different with the windows display. Sometimes to quality not equal to the gorgeous interior.

We had lunch at  Warung Made Seminyak, for the famous Nasi Campur. Then we got shopping again until dinner time, at Jimbaran beach. Seafood here was great. We sat beachside, lightened by candles.

Am very sleepy and tired, but still our group wanna enjoying beach at aour villas. The night wind was little bit strong. But the Cream Brullee was hard to resist. And the cappucino’s good either.

Sleep at 1am.


2 Responses to “Bali Day one”

  1. cc Says:

    hmmmm….its a romantic place….bikin sirik aja luuuu…!!!!

  2. r.a.r.u Says:

    niceeeeeee….lucky you. i’ve never had a good time in bali. let alone a nice room with a private pool. what a vacation yahh…so this is your 3rd honeymoon, eh? so i expect a little bro or sis for vio and vito soon?

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