bali day two

Wake up early, cos my hubby is going to golf at 6am. Couldn’t sleep again. Hmmm, it’s time for ME TIME. Blogging and browsing. Then hit the gym. Running, crosstraining and weightlifting. Take pictures. Little bit rainy.

Then go to beachside to get breakfast. Western, Asian, Japanese breakfast, difficult choice. Pick Japanese, healthy yet powerful breakfast.

Back to room, ready to take relax in a bath tub full of bubbles…Too bad my kids weren’t here, they must be love this place. Then hit the bed for a little nap until my friend called me for going out.

Going around than had lunch around 3pm at Bali Nikmat. It’s chinese resto with delicious lobster and udang kipas (was it Fan-Prawn??). No wonder I gained my weight and very sure that my cholesterol number is increasing.

At noon, back to hotel, showering, and ready attending the private dinner at the beachside.

Our host invited guest singer named Vina Panduwinata for the dinner. She’s one of the diva singer in my country.

DSC03462 My morning snack



DSC03472 Yummy!!


One Response to “bali day two”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    that was your breakfast??? hihihihih berat amet pagi2 dah makan segunung

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