JOurney to marble FACTORY

Today me and my friends went to Marble Store for our interior project. Unfortunately the store didn’t have lots of samples. Then we have to go to factory which the sales said about 30 minutes from store. It was in Tangerang, the industrial area.

The factory was huge, about 3 hectares. The salesperson said IT IS THE BIGGEST MARBLE MANUFACTURER.

And we get so many samples, the salesperson so informative and really kind to give us whatever we need.

I took some pics.


DSC03479 Marbles row..


DSC03481 Scary machine!!!


3 Responses to “JOurney to marble FACTORY”

  1. cc Says:

    yaaa…..kurang byk foto2nya…
    mau lg ga ke sana????

  2. 05291098 Says:

    itu pabrik apa sih ?

  3. choco Says:

    laen kali ikut duonk

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