Hi, Mr. Bond

Last weekend I saw Mr. Bond at the cinema. Quantum of Solace. This is the sequel from Casino Royal. Haven’t see the last movie. But not too difficult to follow the story. My first impression, he’s kind of superhero. For the first hour, he’s always win, even he fought with more than 4 person. He had cold heart, since he almost kill everybody across his way.

However, he’s very cool. Hardly see his smile. Whether in black suit or white jeans, he’s very cold yet charming.

Quantum of Solace became more human rather than the non-Daniel Craig-era. The technologies seem more realistic, impressed with the screen on the table and glass, otherwise no sophisticated gagdet or vehicle.

And he was more respect to girls. Yes, there was a girl who slept with Mr. Bond, sadly her life ended very tragic.

Well, we love Mr. Bond in Daniel Craig way.


2 Responses to “Hi, Mr. Bond”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    Dijkt udah keluar? Hmmm weird krn di states bln keluar d. Well anyways….u should’ve seen the casino royal…eventhough i havent seen the latest one, i’d say there’s not much of a differencE betweeen those two.

  2. cc Says:

    Who’s more charming??? Edward or Mr. Bond???

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