I usually had bloating stomach almost every month. Not PMS. But more about my fully-gas stomach. Consist of acid that causes feel like wanna throw up. It happens when I skip or had late lunch. Kind of disturbing.

But couple days ago, I had late lunch again, and I had awful greasy french fries and sandwich and mineral water and also sipped little bit of soda.

The night after, I got pain and discomfort feeling in my stomach, plus I felt cold all over my body. I put socks on and sweater and blanket. Like somebody twisted my stomach again and again. I couldn’t sleep. I had to put ipod and listened to the Spa Sound to soothing my stress mind.  

The day after I couldn’t wait. I didn’t like visiting the doctor if there was no big problem. But I couldn’t resist now. I didn’t have food appetite. Only ate crakers. My mouth was bitter. Still need the socks and blanket. My body was weak. Just wanna laid down. Then I hit the hospital to meet the doctor.

He said I couldn’t have coffee (oh, gosh), spicy, gas-contain and also greasy food. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Thx Doc 😦. He gave me a medicine to take about 15 minutes prior  mealtime.

I could sleep that night. But, when I wake up the day after (last saturday) and found the fried sweet potato in my dining room, I forgot the warning. I ATE LOT OF THEM!!! You know what happen next??? I crowl in the couch, holding my painful stomach, really hurt that seemed like I wanna had a labour. Because of the contraction that came and came again.

Sunday is better. My stomach still bloating, like 5 months pregnant. But less painful. Thanks God, I have to more appreciate for everything that You give me, and all of us.


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  1. Meuti Says:

    this issue is good…

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