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Day Count: 8

December 30, 2008

My lovely sister who lives in Canada sent me this lovely pics. She named it White Christmas. It was really white and I love them, and I put one as my phone’s wallpaper.




Beautiful, rite??

Thx Niniy, for sending those and allow me to post here.


Day Count: 7

December 30, 2008

Today we’re going to Dunia Fantasi (Dufan). We had lunch at Sunda Kelapa first, then we were there around 2 pm. The place was crowded, yeahh I knew it’s holiday season.



View from Giant Wheel.



We’re going home just after the fireworks. Jakarta’s road is very peaceful today, we arrived in only 20 minutes from Ancol.

Day Count: 6

December 30, 2008

My uncle invited us to come to his place at Purwakarta. Me, my kids and my parents, minus my husband arrived at lunchtime, then we had delicious sate maranggi.

We came over to my mum’s house around 6, then my husband pick us up there. We had dinner at Sushimise, located at Codefin (new place to hang out) Kemang. The resto was awful, the service, the food was so-so. Long time to serve.The price is not worthed for their standard presentation.


Well, at least they had nice objects to be seen.

Day Count: 5

December 26, 2008

Here’s the toys that company my sons this holiday. And I’ve busy too for cleaning up.



They love Ben 10 Alien Force.

Kevin’s Car.

Neo Shifter

Transformers Animated

They love figures and I love their colors.

Day Count: 4

December 25, 2008


Day Count: 3

December 25, 2008

Last night I couldn’t stop my hand from ‘dancing’

Look. Sleep @ 1am


My son still got fever, stay @ home.

Here’s the result the day after:


A dishcloth!!!

Day Count: 2

December 24, 2008

My younger son got fever. I decided to stay at home this morning.

My breakfast:


The unhealthy fried instant noodle, with fried egg and chili padi on side, plus fried shallot on top. Yummy…..(Sorry for bad photo, I took it by cellphone).

According to my sister, she knitted scarf for her cute daughter. I still have unfinished crochet project for Noah’s Ark Throw (i’ll post it later). But I really wanna make scarf now.

So I picked up some yarn and start to crochet a scarf with simple pattern.


The next couple hours:


Got an appointment @ 4.00pm to meet my old friend. Off my scarf and GO.

Thx, Li….for nice cheesecake and good cappucino….

Day Count: 1

December 23, 2008

Had  to post it yesterday, but the connection was awful.

Here’s the pics I took:


-Beautiful card from my auntie for my son’s birthday. I am big fans of Parsley pattern.  Wherever it is, whatever it is.


-Love seeing rows and columns, use this pic as my phone screen.

And, I met Edward Cullen, in the movie again…

And, MOS Burger (for Morning, Ocean, Sun Burger), well-known for Beef Teriyaki Burger, from Japan is opened here, at Plaza Senayan. The nearest outlet was in Singapore.

10 days before New Years Eve

December 21, 2008

To celebrate the upcoming New Year, am planning to take pics everyday as day counting.
1O days left. Please remind me if I forget to post some phtos ;).


December 16, 2008

Today, he’s 5 years old. I remember 5 years ago, when I had contraction and became more frequent then I had to tell my husband “i think this is the time”. It was almost 7pm. I prepared myself to the hospital, called my mom to come over to pick up my older son to stay at her house. I went to hospital with my husband, left my older son at home, because my mom wasn’t coming yet. I cried in the car, sad and happy and fear too, watched my first son’s eyes. Sad because he had to share my attention with his upcoming brother, and  happy as well, ’cause he would have li’l brother, sibbling and friend altogether.

Then we hit the hospital, reserved for labor and patient room. The security said if I needed a wheelchair. I said, no, thanks. More walk means more gravity to the baby. Then I laid down. The midwife checked over my body and my opening. Already 5th opening. Not long after that, my contraction was stronger and getting stronger. It was very hurt, even not too long since my first baby. Stayed still, I couldn’t even talk. My mom-in-law already there, waited for me. Prayed for me. The nurse moved me to the labor room. Uurrgg I hated the labor bed. I had to open my leg, wide spread :(. Heeyyy, we’re not roasted turkey, rite?? My doctor was on holiday, but he prepared for the other doctor. Not long after that. HE WAS BORN. My baby. About 11pm.

Today, he’s 5 years old. I couldn’t believe, time’s moving sooooo fast. Together with his brother, they’re all our life, our love, our destiny.

Today, he’s 5 years old. Happy Birthday, my dear.  No matter how many birthdays come and go, you’ll aways be my little boy.