So…I can’t wait to see him, but the midnight show, seems too late for me.  Waiting one more week, then it’s the time.

Join with my other friends, we watch the movie with heart-beat rush. Can’t take my eyes from the screen, even for a while.

The movie is ……….am so breathless that you have to watch the movie by yourself. Must be my favourite movie in my life…

The story, slightly different with the book, but satisfied enough for me. The casting are good. The acting is so-so. However, the chemistry between the vampire and his lover is really sparkling, at least for me. Well, I didn’t say that this is GOOD movie, but I adore it ‘cos I’m in love with the book. This movie complete my imagination, but still I prefer the book.

Edward Cullen is soo….handsome. Not vampire enough. It’s really difficult to make him hard as marble, porcelain and diamond-glittery skin. Bella is little bit too pretty. Love the Cullens ‘cos they’re all beautiful.

I come again the day after to see him with my husband. He didn’t read a book of course.

I need comment from you who didn’t read a book, anyone?




One Response to “FINALLY, HE’S HERE….”

  1. cc Says:

    you don’t want to hear my comment???? 😛

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