Day Count: 2

My younger son got fever. I decided to stay at home this morning.

My breakfast:


The unhealthy fried instant noodle, with fried egg and chili padi on side, plus fried shallot on top. Yummy…..(Sorry for bad photo, I took it by cellphone).

According to my sister, she knitted scarf for her cute daughter. I still have unfinished crochet project for Noah’s Ark Throw (i’ll post it later). But I really wanna make scarf now.

So I picked up some yarn and start to crochet a scarf with simple pattern.


The next couple hours:


Got an appointment @ 4.00pm to meet my old friend. Off my scarf and GO.

Thx, Li….for nice cheesecake and good cappucino….


One Response to “Day Count: 2”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    your breakfast…did u just eat it half portion? as i recall indomie or whatever instant fried noodle u have there, is not supposed to be that tiny…i should know cuz i used to eat it almost every night for SNACK =D. No wonder u’re so skinny…

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