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Last Day At JogJa

January 25, 2009

Had breakfast at SGPC  Bu Wiryo in front of UGM. I adore it. Very much. I’ll come back here someday. Malioboro next, then back to hotel by becak.

Kids went to swim. Me took care of the room.

Lunch at Warung Pecel Solo  at Jl. Supomo. I ordered Pecel (again??). The peanuts sauce here tasted like mass-product peanut sauce that you can buy at the supermarket. I prefer SGPC rather than this place. The atmosphere is outstanding. The ethnic and vintage furniture is very calming. Didn’t take the pictures, but if you wanna see, you can click here.

Go straight to Airport, for 4.05pm flight. Alhamdulillah, it’s on scheduled.

Bye Jogjakarta…..we love you (my older son even burst his tears)..and we’ll come back soon……


Thx, Rayi, for companying us…


Tour de Jogja, Saturday

January 25, 2009

Raining again. Had Gudeg at Widjilan for breakfast. Went to Keraton again for visiting. Quite crowded here. Many tourists with huge buses came. The Keraton’s area is around 14 hectare.



DSC03892 Do you understand this letter?

DSC03895 Floor tile that I adore

Then we went to Borobudur Temple, one of the most known temple in Indonesia.


DSC03902 beautiful…




And we also visit Museum Samuderaksa

About ancient boat that had long journey to conquer the country.


Bye Borobudur…

Back to city, late lunch at Bebek Slamet at  Gejayan. Delicious. They had branch at Jakarta, but here….soo different….yummy fried crispy duck…

Walking around Malioboro, bought Bakpia, Wajik, Wingko for relatives. Take a rest for a while then went to Gampitan for eating Iga Bakar….love it..

Dear God, I really thank you soo much that I lots of fun here. I really had full joy and laughter…

Tour de JogJa

January 25, 2009

erFriday, 23 Jan

Went to Jogja with GA208, at 11.30am. Arrived at Bandara Sutjipto an hour later then go through Melia Purisani Hotel. After cleaned and washed, we’re off to Keraton to had late lunch. Stopped by at Bale Raos, the resto that had Sultans’ favourite meal.

I had no idea what we’re gonna choose. So we tried Bebek Suwar Suwir, Kambing Panggang, Bestik Djawa, Bebek Ungkep, Paru Ragi and Tumis Daun Pepaya. My recommendation is Bebek Ungkep and Tumis Daun Pepaya, ’cause they really fit with my red rice.  Daun Pepaya itself is really nice, and it’s not really bitter at all. Try Kambing Panggang, really soft and delicious. Bestik Djawa is not coming with my expectation.





It was very hot here.

Then we went to Museum Kereta at Keraton too. We saw the Sultans’ carts collection which were very stunning. Love the bold colors and big size wheels. Little bit spooky here, because the dark room and almost all of them were 100 years!! And Kereta Kencana, the most known, always had showered every 1 Muharram (Satu Suro) and it still had Sesajen. I even too scare to take a pic of it.




Then the raining poured down.

After we hit Mirota, at Malioboro, one stop shopping place for Batik, we’re off to hotel. Had Bakmi Kadin take away for dinner.


January 21, 2009

I got new internet connection. It has unlimited time, quicker and cheaper than my older one. This one need a table modem. So I can’t  bring it along if I’m going. But I love this, keep me online all day.

I got sad story this week, so sorry I couldn’t share with you all. So why I told you about this? Well, just want to inform you that this thing broke my heart into pieces than I knew that my days will never be the same again.  Seems like I lost my track last couple days.

I went to Harvey Nichols at Grand Indonesia. Am curious because all of my friend said that the store had expensive things such as shoes, bags, apparels. Yes, Harvey Nichols known as luxury department store. With nowaday condition, like crisis world, I don’t know how long they will stayed here.

But I like the new restaurant there. It calls Social House, one of the happening place in town. The atmosphere is gorgeous. Feels like you come into modern country kitchen. Comfy yet homy. The food is OK with reasonable price. I really wanna comeback later.

Whatelse??  hmmm the weather here is unconsistent. One day hard raining, make flooding in several areas, one day, like today is very hot outside, that I don’t wanna leave my house. But I have to pick up kids.

Plan to go to Jogyakarta this weekend. We had holiday on Monday. Chinese New Year. Year of the Ox.


Find this ‘Cappucino” here, please enjoy….there are cakes too..;)

This Weekends

January 10, 2009

Influenza is around the house.

Why men are big sucks when they are sick, aren’t they!

Be patient…be patient…

Movie Marathon

January 8, 2009

Last week, I had 3 movies in a row. First with my family, then with kids and nephew and the last with my husband. Here’s little bit my review.

Bedtime Stories, Walt Disney Production,  is the movie  about someone who had high imagination, took care his niece and nephew whose mum was going for couple days. Everynight he told stories for the children, and the day after the stories become reality, in a different situation.

Adam Sandler as usual always brought us into laughter. And this movie really got the point and teach us and kids too, that dream CAN come true especially when LOVE is around you. LOVE your life and bring HAPPINESS to everyone. I really like this movie.

Madagascar 2,whoaaa….watched Alex and his friends, they’re really funny. Especially Gloria the hippo, when she met another muscular yet sexy male hippo, named Moto-moto. See?? the name itself already funny. The animation, no doubt. Dreamworks behind it.

Alex and his friends as the member of New York Zoo, had plane crushed in Africa. Then he met his parents. Hm…this scene wanna make me cry. Because Alex was being gone (kidnapped by human) since he was little. He and his father got the same mark that how they accidentally met. Alex as a city-lion, didn’t have ability to fight. For him, fighting mean dancing, which is Alex speciality. Poor Alex. Oh and you have to see the silly-mean-tough grannies, who had wrestling with lions that she called them ‘kitty’….

Get ready for LOL…

Transporter 3. Hadn’t see the previous movies. About Frank Martin as a transporter who got job from someone called himself The Boss. He had to delivered package to the GPS code-mentioned destination. The package will be exchanged with Minister’s signature. The package was Minister’s daughter, and then Martin felt in love with the package. But for me, there’s no chemistry between them.

This movie not to be taken seriously, just enjoy the awesome action.

Noah’s Ark Throw

January 8, 2009

Yippeee, my throw is finished. How long have it been? Next time I had to remember when the project start. Well this throw is 44′ x 46′. Too small for blanket but usable for lap blanket while sipping hot chocolate and watch Lisptick Jungle the series :).


Now I had 2 project in a row. And both of them are blankets. Ehm…had to move fast, ‘cos the dateline is next month.

Get set…GO!!


January 2, 2009


Whew….the 1st day of 2009. Wake up late in the morning. Although I  didn’t sleep late last night, I still woke up late. Morning person is so not me.

Kids still sleep, my husband ask me to join him to had breakfast at Soto Kudus. I drove a car, ‘cos he already there by riding a motorcycle. Then I realised that I DIDN’T bring my driving license.

When I got home,  checked my wallet, wardobe, drawer, still I DIDN’T find it. What a silly thing to start a new year. Had no idea where I put it. The last time I remember was when I would travel to somewhere (I couldn’t even remember), I left it in my drawer because I didn’t wanna bring it in my wallet for a while. Still looking..and looking…

While I drove, I listen to the radio and topic was about: “NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTION, so what is your STEP to start the NEW RESOLUTION??”

Nice topic. To achieve our goal, we have to think what step we’re gonna take. No step, no move, ZERO target. To become a writer, you have to write whatever, whenever, wherever. Do it daily, hourly, at least everyday you have to write. Make blog, be a blogger, or you can post notes on the Facebook.

Well, FIRST STEP is not easy, but with FIRST STEP, hopefully the next action will flow easily, then our target will get CHECKED mark.

Day Count: 10

January 2, 2009

Tonight, we’ll have barbeque at Sambas, my mom-in-law place. We shopped fruits and ice creams.

15 minutes prior 00.00, we already at our home, prepared for sleeping.

Day Count: 9

January 2, 2009



Well, actually I had to post this text above yesterday, but I was too tired. For Moslems, Happy New Hijriyah Year!!!