Whew….the 1st day of 2009. Wake up late in the morning. Although I  didn’t sleep late last night, I still woke up late. Morning person is so not me.

Kids still sleep, my husband ask me to join him to had breakfast at Soto Kudus. I drove a car, ‘cos he already there by riding a motorcycle. Then I realised that I DIDN’T bring my driving license.

When I got home,  checked my wallet, wardobe, drawer, still I DIDN’T find it. What a silly thing to start a new year. Had no idea where I put it. The last time I remember was when I would travel to somewhere (I couldn’t even remember), I left it in my drawer because I didn’t wanna bring it in my wallet for a while. Still looking..and looking…

While I drove, I listen to the radio and topic was about: “NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTION, so what is your STEP to start the NEW RESOLUTION??”

Nice topic. To achieve our goal, we have to think what step we’re gonna take. No step, no move, ZERO target. To become a writer, you have to write whatever, whenever, wherever. Do it daily, hourly, at least everyday you have to write. Make blog, be a blogger, or you can post notes on the Facebook.

Well, FIRST STEP is not easy, but with FIRST STEP, hopefully the next action will flow easily, then our target will get CHECKED mark.


One Response to “2009”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Does writing in a comment box count? 😀
    Btw I think you’ll love this blog: http://aalayaa.com

    Happy new year, keep writing ya!

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