Movie Marathon

Last week, I had 3 movies in a row. First with my family, then with kids and nephew and the last with my husband. Here’s little bit my review.

Bedtime Stories, Walt Disney Production,  is the movie  about someone who had high imagination, took care his niece and nephew whose mum was going for couple days. Everynight he told stories for the children, and the day after the stories become reality, in a different situation.

Adam Sandler as usual always brought us into laughter. And this movie really got the point and teach us and kids too, that dream CAN come true especially when LOVE is around you. LOVE your life and bring HAPPINESS to everyone. I really like this movie.

Madagascar 2,whoaaa….watched Alex and his friends, they’re really funny. Especially Gloria the hippo, when she met another muscular yet sexy male hippo, named Moto-moto. See?? the name itself already funny. The animation, no doubt. Dreamworks behind it.

Alex and his friends as the member of New York Zoo, had plane crushed in Africa. Then he met his parents. Hm…this scene wanna make me cry. Because Alex was being gone (kidnapped by human) since he was little. He and his father got the same mark that how they accidentally met. Alex as a city-lion, didn’t have ability to fight. For him, fighting mean dancing, which is Alex speciality. Poor Alex. Oh and you have to see the silly-mean-tough grannies, who had wrestling with lions that she called them ‘kitty’….

Get ready for LOL…

Transporter 3. Hadn’t see the previous movies. About Frank Martin as a transporter who got job from someone called himself The Boss. He had to delivered package to the GPS code-mentioned destination. The package will be exchanged with Minister’s signature. The package was Minister’s daughter, and then Martin felt in love with the package. But for me, there’s no chemistry between them.

This movie not to be taken seriously, just enjoy the awesome action.


One Response to “Movie Marathon”

  1. bella Says:

    I enjoyed alot to see Frank Martin’s naked. (he..he..)

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