Noah’s Ark Throw

Yippeee, my throw is finished. How long have it been? Next time I had to remember when the project start. Well this throw is 44′ x 46′. Too small for blanket but usable for lap blanket while sipping hot chocolate and watch Lisptick Jungle the series :).


Now I had 2 project in a row. And both of them are blankets. Ehm…had to move fast, ‘cos the dateline is next month.

Get set…GO!!


4 Responses to “Noah’s Ark Throw”

  1. c.c Says:

    Lagi ngerjain yang punya g yaaa??!!! ;-p

  2. wiwi Says:

    finally…. finished juga tuh noah’s ark….
    good job girl…

  3. risna Says:

    kereeeeeen, ini polanya dari buku atau dari mana mbak? kayaknya pernah liat di Annie’s Attic selimut noah’s ark juga judulnya tapi rasanya beda

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