I got new internet connection. It has unlimited time, quicker and cheaper than my older one. This one need a table modem. So I can’t  bring it along if I’m going. But I love this, keep me online all day.

I got sad story this week, so sorry I couldn’t share with you all. So why I told you about this? Well, just want to inform you that this thing broke my heart into pieces than I knew that my days will never be the same again.  Seems like I lost my track last couple days.

I went to Harvey Nichols at Grand Indonesia. Am curious because all of my friend said that the store had expensive things such as shoes, bags, apparels. Yes, Harvey Nichols known as luxury department store. With nowaday condition, like crisis world, I don’t know how long they will stayed here.

But I like the new restaurant there. It calls Social House, one of the happening place in town. The atmosphere is gorgeous. Feels like you come into modern country kitchen. Comfy yet homy. The food is OK with reasonable price. I really wanna comeback later.

Whatelse??  hmmm the weather here is unconsistent. One day hard raining, make flooding in several areas, one day, like today is very hot outside, that I don’t wanna leave my house. But I have to pick up kids.

Plan to go to Jogyakarta this weekend. We had holiday on Monday. Chinese New Year. Year of the Ox.


Find this ‘Cappucino” here, please enjoy….there are cakes too..;)


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