Tour de Jogja, Saturday

Raining again. Had Gudeg at Widjilan for breakfast. Went to Keraton again for visiting. Quite crowded here. Many tourists with huge buses came. The Keraton’s area is around 14 hectare.



DSC03892 Do you understand this letter?

DSC03895 Floor tile that I adore

Then we went to Borobudur Temple, one of the most known temple in Indonesia.


DSC03902 beautiful…




And we also visit Museum Samuderaksa

About ancient boat that had long journey to conquer the country.


Bye Borobudur…

Back to city, late lunch at Bebek Slamet at  Gejayan. Delicious. They had branch at Jakarta, but here….soo different….yummy fried crispy duck…

Walking around Malioboro, bought Bakpia, Wajik, Wingko for relatives. Take a rest for a while then went to Gampitan for eating Iga Bakar….love it..

Dear God, I really thank you soo much that I lots of fun here. I really had full joy and laughter…


One Response to “Tour de Jogja, Saturday”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    bu bu…emangnya kalo shari2 biasanya ga pernah “full joy & laughter” yaa???

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