Tour de JogJa

erFriday, 23 Jan

Went to Jogja with GA208, at 11.30am. Arrived at Bandara Sutjipto an hour later then go through Melia Purisani Hotel. After cleaned and washed, we’re off to Keraton to had late lunch. Stopped by at Bale Raos, the resto that had Sultans’ favourite meal.

I had no idea what we’re gonna choose. So we tried Bebek Suwar Suwir, Kambing Panggang, Bestik Djawa, Bebek Ungkep, Paru Ragi and Tumis Daun Pepaya. My recommendation is Bebek Ungkep and Tumis Daun Pepaya, ’cause they really fit with my red rice.  Daun Pepaya itself is really nice, and it’s not really bitter at all. Try Kambing Panggang, really soft and delicious. Bestik Djawa is not coming with my expectation.





It was very hot here.

Then we went to Museum Kereta at Keraton too. We saw the Sultans’ carts collection which were very stunning. Love the bold colors and big size wheels. Little bit spooky here, because the dark room and almost all of them were 100 years!! And Kereta Kencana, the most known, always had showered every 1 Muharram (Satu Suro) and it still had Sesajen. I even too scare to take a pic of it.




Then the raining poured down.

After we hit Mirota, at Malioboro, one stop shopping place for Batik, we’re off to hotel. Had Bakmi Kadin take away for dinner.


One Response to “Tour de JogJa”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    asli…asli… itu pada laper apa pada rakus siy?? hehehehe mesen makanannyaa banyaakk amet. jd pengen nyoba kambing panggangnya dehhh

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