Here Comes Mr. Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 

Since the movie was on Golden Globe nomination, I really curious too. Finally not long after the Golden Globe Awards event, the movie arrived here with another movie like The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionare.

The story was about the life of man named Benjamin Button that was born in old human condition. Yes, he born as baby but with  80 years condition like wrinkled skin and grey haired. Plus the catarrac eyes.

Growing bigger, his physic becaming younger and healthier then voila, here’s comes Mr. Pitt. And you know, the girls in the cinema really waiting for him, when he showed up, they like say “aaahhhh…….” (becaouse he really appear in almost after one hour play)

The movie is very long and little bit boring. Too much conversation. But the picture is really beautiful. We don’t have to say much about Mr. Pitt, but his partner here, Cate Blanchett is absolutely stunning. From young till old, she is really beautiful. Her flowing, her move….

The end was very sad. This is one of the movie that I recommend, but please save your time and keep focus. Even the plot is slow, please just enjoy the screen.


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