Another Blanket

This blanket is a gift for my  nephew, for her 1st b’day.

Hope she (or her mom) will like it, love the colors, not too babies, yet funky slightly rock ‘n roll… (try to make her not too girly :p)



5 Responses to “Another Blanket”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    yup…i agree not too baby-ish or too crochet-ish…. i like it, if they dont, you can give it to me =D

  2. c c Says:

    g jg mauuuuuu!!!!

  3. dindin Says:

    mmm udah dipake dong buat bobo siang sama mamahnya 🙂
    thank u my sister

  4. Ema Says:

    gila lo yang bikin sin?keren..melatih kesabaran yah?

  5. Lia Says:

    bagus de 🙂 don’t think I’ll ever finish something this big hahahaa

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