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My Niece’s Stroller Blanket

May 26, 2009

I didn’t make this. This is my sis’. She showed me that she had finished her daughter’s blanket. I love the colors and that’s knitting, not crochet. The one that I’m still trying to learn.



8 things to share with..

May 26, 2009

8 things i look forward to:

-having my applestruddel desert.

-bicycling with my kids

-having holiday

-meeting my far-away sis and her daughter

-changing my home decor

-doing headstand properly at yoga

-learning more photograph and photoshop

-doing crafts

8 things i did yesterday:

-chit chat with friends, long time i didn’t meet them. So fun together

-visit my friend’s birthday party, yummy lasagna and strawberry mousse

-got my hair done, took 4 hours

-shopped groceries

-came home late

-late dinner

-had my another struddel from my friend, blueberry this time

-couldn’t sleep well, my gastro problem caused by sticky rice

8 things i wish i could do:

-speak french

-live abroad, I do love my country, but living outside seems challenging

-good at IT area

-good at piano

-work in a giant bookstore, so I can read anytime, anywhere, updating well-read books. So many books so little time

-be a good mom….uhhmm cliche

-make good coffee everyday

-hit gym more often, burn, burn…

Hey, why don’t you write your 8 things and share it with us???? It’s really fun..


May 21, 2009


Boring, rather than fun. But if you interest in history, this is the way you got knowledge without being pushed. And you will find Einstein, Lincoln, Roosevelt, quite interesting… Look at three cupid angels…so cute.

And this time, we went to the cinema with our mom, our brother and sisters, our kids, nieces and nephew, so there were 12 of us. So happy today, HAPPY THURSDAY!!


May 21, 2009

I almost forgot to share the movies I already saw last time. We went to cinemas around 2-3 times a month. We’re not movie addict, we just see the movie that had our fave actors/actress, fun and easy movie, animation movie, and special for me, feminist movie :). We also buy VCD/DVD to enjoy it at home, but rarely watch them because too much distraction, my kiddos, sleepy time… and I really like to see the film in a whole time, because if I paused it somewhere, chapter this, chapter that, then I must’ve forget someday. This is why I like to go to cinema.

OK, let me remember my movies list:


Lonely Heart. Starred by John travolta, Salma Hayek and Jared Leto, released couple years ago, and just ordinary movie. Based on true story, about murderous couple worked together to get the money. And because the jealousy wife, all of the plan was failed and their life ended in electric chair. I really hate “electric chair” idea, and saw it make me trembled. Maybe  this is the reason why I didn’t like the film. John Travolta always looked OK, so was Salma Hayek, fit enough as a bitchy woman.


Monster VS Alien. Whoaaa, love the animation but not too interest with the story. We watched in 3D. Really like and enjoy the laughter. Especially B.O.B the blue jelly monster. Poor Susan, bride-to-be who becoming a giant monster… then her fiance refused her, make her strong and working together with others monster (Insectosaurs, Dr. Cockroach and the Missing Link) to destroyed the alien.

Wolverine. Love it. I didn’t see the prequel movies. And when my friend ask me to see this movie, me just shook my head. But my kiddos came home with the piracy edition, Yes, the one that been downloaded from internet, yes, the one that still had raw animation from the computer, yes, the one that Hugh Jackman had been angry with, and yes my kids watched it over and over again (because they really love superheroes and this movie will be released in next month). And as a mom, company them, made me curious ’bout the unfinished animation, so when the movie play in the cinema, we brought kiddos to see too. Cool movie….. Hugh Jackman, well don’t have to say more. But, my favourite here is Sabretooth and Wade Wilson, not his big-moouth but his sword action. So, watch them, go!!


The Reader. A must-see movie. I watched it with my BFF. Long movie and little bit boring. But the story is awesome. Unpredictable. I always love the old-time setting. Around 1950s. Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet) had relationship with teenager, who smart and always read for her. The boy who urged for pleasure, trade the making love time with reading one book. The mid age woman really love being read, then suddenly she walked away from his life. He met her again soon at the court, when she judged for murdered hundreds people. And her life ended in prison. She accepted the punishment without doubt, although her friends were betrayed her. Here the sad story, the boy, who keep invicible from her just realised the his then old lover were not able to read. This is why she always asked him to read story for her, why she was been betrayed because she couldn’t read. So, the boy (who is old now, starred by Ralph Fiennes) send her cassettes, with his voice, reading the stories that they enjoyed last time together. So she then could read by herself. And you better see the movie ending by yourself. Touchy, heart breaking and hillarious too. No wonder Winslet got the Award this time. She’s just awesome.


At cinema now:

Angels and Demons–wanna see this, but too serious.

Night at The Museum 2–wanna take my kids

Crank–As a fans of Jason Statham, really wanna see this, but I already didn’t like the poster yet. ‘Bout high voltage???? pllleeaseee….

Now, I’m waiting for:

Transformer 2 Revenge of the Fallen

Star Trek

Terminator Salvation

My Early Breakfast

May 11, 2009

Recently, when I woke up in the morning, after I drank a glass of water, I went to the pantry, grab this things, and instead of put it into a slice of bread, I just licked it. Teaspoonful. Just before I made my morning coffee.

IMG_0126 copy


May 11, 2009

IMG_0110 copyIMG_0400 copy

IMG_0422 copy

Taken from our front yard


May 7, 2009

Last night I discussed with my husband. I said that I really appreciated to those arts/crafts people (I am talking about neat, nice-smell, yet chic women, not slouchy people who woke up late and hadn’t take a shower till noon), who work from home and had little shop whether inside their apartment/house so they can display their creations (Like Victoria in Lipstick Jungle). Or please check this (for inspiring mum of two who is an artists).

For me, they really enjoy their life. Wake up, drink coffee and do breakfast, do some errands or for those who have kids, taking care of them, then their me-time are doing crafty or arty. The single one of course had lotta time, then suddenly customers are coming to their place, buy something they made, back to do design, chit-chat. Shopping grocceries ’bout 1-2 times a week, because usually they apply eco-living in their daily life.

I talk about how they feel happy with their daily life. But my husband said, “yes, they must be happy but they won’t get rich”. Its absolutely mention that for HIM, as a businessman, rich always mean had a lot of money.

I do not agree with him. Money can not buy anything. People I mention above must be fulfilled their life with joy, and more than just satisfy enough. I mean MONEY is not the real issue here. Our happiness. Our smile. That will make our life meaningful.

Cute Photo

May 1, 2009

My friend just sent me this picture of his daughter. It was really cute and I love the composition.