Last night I discussed with my husband. I said that I really appreciated to those arts/crafts people (I am talking about neat, nice-smell, yet chic women, not slouchy people who woke up late and hadn’t take a shower till noon), who work from home and had little shop whether inside their apartment/house so they can display their creations (Like Victoria in Lipstick Jungle). Or please check this www.lovelife.typepad.com (for inspiring mum of two who is an artists).

For me, they really enjoy their life. Wake up, drink coffee and do breakfast, do some errands or for those who have kids, taking care of them, then their me-time are doing crafty or arty. The single one of course had lotta time, then suddenly customers are coming to their place, buy something they made, back to do design, chit-chat. Shopping grocceries ’bout 1-2 times a week, because usually they apply eco-living in their daily life.

I talk about how they feel happy with their daily life. But my husband said, “yes, they must be happy but they won’t get rich”. Its absolutely mention that for HIM, as a businessman, rich always mean had a lot of money.

I do not agree with him. Money can not buy anything. People I mention above must be fulfilled their life with joy, and more than just satisfy enough. I mean MONEY is not the real issue here. Our happiness. Our smile. That will make our life meaningful.


One Response to “WHAT’S YOUR OPINION”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    what do you mean “slouchy people who woke up late and hadn’t take a shower till noon”? were u talking about ME? hahah just kidding… i know you werent talking about me, because i wont take a shower till midnight =D.

    i do too appreciate those women that are talented and re-use vintage fabric to make clothes. arent they “hebat”?

    i think it’s because your environment, where you live, and who your friends are that make your husband think “rich equals money”. no wonder your hubby showers you with expensive stuff… hihihihihihihih. mau donk kena cipratan… =P

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