8 things to share with..

8 things i look forward to:

-having my applestruddel desert.

-bicycling with my kids

-having holiday

-meeting my far-away sis and her daughter

-changing my home decor

-doing headstand properly at yoga

-learning more photograph and photoshop

-doing crafts

8 things i did yesterday:

-chit chat with friends, long time i didn’t meet them. So fun together

-visit my friend’s birthday party, yummy lasagna and strawberry mousse

-got my hair done, took 4 hours

-shopped groceries

-came home late

-late dinner

-had my another struddel from my friend, blueberry this time

-couldn’t sleep well, my gastro problem caused by sticky rice

8 things i wish i could do:

-speak french

-live abroad, I do love my country, but living outside seems challenging

-good at IT area

-good at piano

-work in a giant bookstore, so I can read anytime, anywhere, updating well-read books. So many books so little time

-be a good mom….uhhmm cliche

-make good coffee everyday

-hit gym more often, burn, burn…

Hey, why don’t you write your 8 things and share it with us???? It’s really fun..


2 Responses to “8 things to share with..”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    my 8 things…my 8 wishes…

    i wish i could afford to go to disneyland to meet my family
    i wish my sister and her family would come and visit me (hint..hint..=))
    i wish my daughter had her family live nearby
    i wish to learn how to sew
    i wish a day had 36 hours
    i wish i could eat a bunch of sate maranggis right now
    i wish money was no object
    last but not least i wish for good health for the people i love.

  2. deydun Says:

    8 things i look forward to :
    1. get marry LOL
    2. get a full payment of all of my project(s)
    3. having more quality time w/ my mum
    4. having holiday (idem ;p)
    5. having family gathering w/ all of my office crew/member
    6. go fishing (@ d sea)
    7. having my own house (amiennn)
    8. new moon movie

    8 things i did yesterday :
    1. had an interview ’bout twilight on local radio (cosmopolitan fm)
    2. “arisan” twimoms
    3. bought sum clothes that am dying for LOL
    4. update my facebook and twitter status, both are d same… realy like it!
    5. did stupid things w/ my friends in d middle of d nite ( already sent you sum photos, rite… LOL)
    6. open twinus website
    7. open twindo website
    8. added comments in my friend’s blog =)

    8 things i wish i could do :
    1. skip office and go to bali
    2. writing
    3. scraping more often
    4. have more time to read all of my book(s)
    5. cooking
    6. speak in different languages
    7. hit gym more often, burn, burn… (copas)
    8. go to italy to meet him hehehehehehe…

    can i go w/ others 8 things to tell? huahahahahahahaha…..

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