Persimmon Fruits


I heart these fruits.

Persimmon meant “fruit of the Gods” Generally light yellow-orange to dark red-orange in color, and depending on the species, vary in size from 1.5-9 cm (0.5-4 in) diameter, and may be spherical, acorn-, or pumpkin-shaped. The calyx often remains attached to the fruit after harvesting, but becomes easier to remove as it ripens. They are high in glucose, with a balanced protein profile. (Source from Wikipedia.)

I like the texture of  these fruits. They had hard-tomato-like-orange skin. When you slice it, the inside had beautiful orange flesh too. The flavor is rich, sweet and satisfying. In a perfect sweet. I mean not too sweet. Just sweet. When you taste bitter, then you had unripe Persimmon. The unripes one had greenish orangey color. They are seedless. So you can eat a whole fruit without being disturbed by picking seeds from your mouth. Some people said Persimmon as “Asian Mango”. But I think that’s different kind of fruit. I adore mangos too. I like all of sweet fruits. Sweet oranges, sweet apples, bananas, jackfruits, durians, mostly tropical fruits.

Even they came from America, and Japan, Indonesian had its own Persimmon. We called it Kesemek . Little bit different from import one. Kesemek sometimes grouped as ugly fruit (hhmmm contrary with “fruit of the Gods” quote). They came in green color and had some powder on it. I’m not sure what the powder is. You can see the picture below. But the taste is still good. Just don’t forget to wash it first :).


Persimmons can be made as dry food, salad, pudding, or baking it as a cake or even blended as a smoothie, because they seem like little pumpkin. But I stick to raw fruit. This is seasonal fruit, after almost a year, i just found them yesterday. Lucky me, my kids didn’t like them, so I can enjoy my persimmons for myself 🙂


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