This my new fave

I wrote on previous posting how I love Bakerzin so much. No, I didn’t work for them, not even I promote them. I just love their foods, their beverages, their cakes, their decorations and even their chairs.

I really loved their :

  • Aglio Olio Spaghetti– Very rich.
  • Oxtail Soup–aahh so delicious
  • Oxtail Fried Rice–is a must try

Nowadays, they had new menus. Additional menus.

And I found my new fave. Egg Spaghetti

egg spaghetti

Hazelnut Butter Spaghetti with poached egg, smoked beef and parmesan cheese. (Please look at those eggs, still have the runny yolk…ssllrrpp)

And for the desert…never get bored with Hazelnut Maccaroon


They use Illy Coffee, they had lot of hot chocs variation, their lychee tea is good…what else..oh the cakes..

You should try.


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