(Ohhh I really love Windows Live Writer….so easy to upload images, little bit hesitate with WordPress, why it’s not easy as it look…And to publish the posting…so easy amd quick!!)

Well, this posting is about my crochet thing. I made this small bag from Japanese pattern, which sometimes easier to follow but little bit dizzy for my eyes. I made this about 3 weeks ago, in one day, then I planned to send it to my sister who lives far far away from me. Because she’s good in knitting, because I wanna share my crochet, because I love her of course. I just posting today, because she just received the package. I thought it’s not surprise if I already posting this couple weeks ago.


Sorry, the picture doesn’t look clear enough. I should added for handle or shoulder strap so my little niece could wear it as a bag.


2 Responses to “LITTLE BAG”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    such a cute little pouch and a great color combination, too. loved the details on the pouch. your sister is so lucky to have you and i bet she loves you too =)

  2. lenny Says:

    Hi.. thanks for stopping by.. 😀
    Cute pouch.. I like that color 😀

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