Movies recently

Here are the movies that I saw recently:

1. UP


Luv it…luv it…very funny…. and gorgeous colors….. The beginning part was very touchy. The happy couple grown  up in marriage until the wife passed away, where the saddest part were, then the old husband, Mr. Frederickson became grumpy, egoist man. The boyscout, Russel, who offer to company the old people, got refused couple times, ’till he accidentally flew with ballons, as Mr. F wanted to travel tried to find waterfall paradise. They became friend at the end.

2. GI Joe

Urgghh bad movies. Actually I came 30minutes late, but I thought, the movie still awful. Destroyed  everything, special soldiers who little bit stupid, who wore too heavy uniform. The  movie was not good as the trailer.

__wanna upload the image, but bad connection__

3. Land of the Lost

UUrgghhh, another bad movies. Bad story, bad theme….and don’t like Will Farrell. There were funny screen that I laugh till my tears burst. When the mosquito bite Farrell neck and exploded, leaving huge, giant red breakout at the back. Silly.

4. The Proposal

Ahhh…at last, I found my new fave. The boss who just fired someone, will deportated by the US Government, ask her assistant to marry her to save her life. Sandra Bullock, awesome as usual, really clicked with Ryan Reynolds, the one who was annoying as a Deadpool in Wolverine. From the story, its very simple yet cliche ending, but who need the serious one when you’re on the day 2 of fasting month?? You have to see…you have to see…

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