Happy Birthday My Eldest Son…

Dearest  my eldest son,

Today is your birthday. 8 years old. You are such a blessed for us. You are such a nice kind of children who always smile and be quite. I always took you driving, doing groceries shopping (this happened when you’re not having little brother yet) because you were stand still and easy to manage. You never run away like crazy in the supermarket alleys, never screaming at the toystore… or had tantrums. You are such a good boy. Still until now. Always polite, helpful to everybody, never say ‘never’, you do that because you don’t wanna make somebody’s heart hurt.

Now, you’re 8 years old, you had little brother who 2 years younger than you. Well, he’s not calm as you, right?? But your patience is number one. Even sometimes you upset with him, still you always help him when he couldn’t finish his game at PSP or DS. And for your brother, you always as his survivor. And you never let me angry. You will talk harder to your brother when  he upset me. And you’ll burst your tears when you saw me cried. You’re sensitive one, like me, even you had big body, like your father.

Your height is almost reach mine, don’t ask ’bout your weight. 2 kilos more to go, then we’re equal. Your hands are absolutely bigger than mine. Your head ARE bigger than me.

Even we didn’t had much time to going out together, I always looking forward to spend sometimes going just two of us. I never forget, the way you walked, your shining eyes,  while  holding my hand.  And all you ever asked was just a single cup of ice cream. Strawberry flavor always. And that the same condition even you almost 8 years old.

Happy birthday my dearest… We always love you……


One Response to “Happy Birthday My Eldest Son…”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    can i have some of the cupcakes, please…..

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