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Perfect Combo

October 27, 2009

My sweet tooth needs sugar in the morning, and this satisfied me recently.



Coffee and Biscotti, Cold Milk and choc-chip cookies….perfecto!


My New Fave

October 26, 2009

I loved Bakerzin. I think the foods are fresh and delicious. The deserts…tempting. The beverages…uuhhmm, good coffee…good tea….

Couple days ago, I had a meeting with someone. After hit the gym, of course, i was very starving. But i don’t wanna ruin the calories burned, so I’m looking some place with good food that will satisfied my stomach with a ‘just-rite’ size.

Then I passed Bakerzin, and I texted my friend that I waited there. The waitress offered me promo package menu, which consisted of appetizer, main course and beverages, for a special price. Wow…who didn’t love special price??? So I choose Summer Salad rather than Caesar Salad (for me Caesar Salad little bit salty, and I never tried Summer Salad and the best was it had light dressing, not creamy), Aglio Olio for Main Course (as always) and mineral water for drink.

The salad was perfect, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, and caramelised nuts. I have no idea with the dressing. Probably balsamic vinegar, but had sweet taste. I have to order it some day in a full portion. And my husband will love it ‘cos no cheese on it. He hates cheese. So no guitly feel after munching those salad.


German Pancakes

October 24, 2009

After looked at one of the blog that i forgot, i wrote and kept the recipee for someday. The simple ingredients and easy, made me wanna cook for kids. Especially for breakfast.

So, as today is weekend, I prepared the stuffes and started to make the pancakes. I used my microwave for baking, sound silly, but mine said its microwaving, and baking, and grilling and so on.

After baking for 20 mins,  it seemed like the upper area still wet and soggy, so I put in again and change the cooking method into the upper grill only, for 10 mins. Then it became brown and very crispy, and because its tasteless (we need butter/sugar/maple syrup to make it sweet), eewwww no one would eat my german pancake. 

So I failed.


Macaroon Again

October 18, 2009

These came from my bestfriend, who got sent from her friend. Pistachio Macaroons from Laduree.



October 16, 2009

Last couple days was hectic day. Yesterday I visited 2 of my friends who labored. And the distance was quite far. Even I had a driver, but still i had lot of my time yesterday in the car. And I forgot to bring something to read. So I just played with my cellphone, which the battery going low. Nice.

Today, I hit the gym in the morning, my hubby was out of town so I dropped my youngest one to school then hit the yoga class. I haven’t been yoga since 3-4 months and my body was as hard as wood. I miss yoga. However, sometimes the schedule didn’t suit mine. 

Then I had the appointment with my friend’s wife, whom I haven’t meet her (so he sent me his family pic) and an insurance agent. I was waiting for an hour, actually it wasn’t her fault. I just came earlier ‘cos I got work to do then she texted me that she would come an hour late, just after I sat down to enjoy my hot Caramel Macchiato companied by Cheese Danish…my new fave right now. 

And, I missed my efficient working time ‘cos an expat in front of me, who got a meeting with his local friend, talked very loud so I couldn’t concentrate. Even I worked with numbers, just adding and substracting, his voice force me to listen him. Darn.


And now, while my hubby and kids already sleep, I just finished watching “Definitely, Maybe” and I love it. I think because of the NYC setting. I also like Ryan Reynolds since I watched Wolverine. And even I lost 20mins the beginning of the film, I still mellow for the last part.  This is my me-time (hey…television is definitely not my bestfriend) for today and I just feel my body ache as a result from this morning. Thumbs-Up–don’t forget to put on ointment on my stiff shoulder, thanks to Plank Pose.

P.S. My hubby’s birthday is on Sunday. I think about breakfast in bed, but since he’s not ‘simple breakfast’ fans (he loves fried rice very much for breakfast), I will re-think. I prepare his fave t-shirt for gift, but I just found one.  I need one more in black color, sadly, out of stock.

Holiday Desert

October 3, 2009

This recipee was taken from It called Takir Kraft Isi Buah–maybe Fruit Pie. It made from bread that grilled for minutes then filled with chocolate cheese sauce and topped with whatever-you-like fruit.

My son wanted it soo badly that we decided to make it ASAP.

Easy to make, the boys were excited with the result, easy to make and yummy too..