Last couple days was hectic day. Yesterday I visited 2 of my friends who labored. And the distance was quite far. Even I had a driver, but still i had lot of my time yesterday in the car. And I forgot to bring something to read. So I just played with my cellphone, which the battery going low. Nice.

Today, I hit the gym in the morning, my hubby was out of town so I dropped my youngest one to school then hit the yoga class. I haven’t been yoga since 3-4 months and my body was as hard as wood. I miss yoga. However, sometimes the schedule didn’t suit mine. 

Then I had the appointment with my friend’s wife, whom I haven’t meet her (so he sent me his family pic) and an insurance agent. I was waiting for an hour, actually it wasn’t her fault. I just came earlier ‘cos I got work to do then she texted me that she would come an hour late, just after I sat down to enjoy my hot Caramel Macchiato companied by Cheese Danish…my new fave right now. 

And, I missed my efficient working time ‘cos an expat in front of me, who got a meeting with his local friend, talked very loud so I couldn’t concentrate. Even I worked with numbers, just adding and substracting, his voice force me to listen him. Darn.


And now, while my hubby and kids already sleep, I just finished watching “Definitely, Maybe” and I love it. I think because of the NYC setting. I also like Ryan Reynolds since I watched Wolverine. And even I lost 20mins the beginning of the film, I still mellow for the last part.  This is my me-time (hey…television is definitely not my bestfriend) for today and I just feel my body ache as a result from this morning. Thumbs-Up–don’t forget to put on ointment on my stiff shoulder, thanks to Plank Pose.

P.S. My hubby’s birthday is on Sunday. I think about breakfast in bed, but since he’s not ‘simple breakfast’ fans (he loves fried rice very much for breakfast), I will re-think. I prepare his fave t-shirt for gift, but I just found one.  I need one more in black color, sadly, out of stock.


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