My New Fave

I loved Bakerzin. I think the foods are fresh and delicious. The deserts…tempting. The beverages…uuhhmm, good coffee…good tea….

Couple days ago, I had a meeting with someone. After hit the gym, of course, i was very starving. But i don’t wanna ruin the calories burned, so I’m looking some place with good food that will satisfied my stomach with a ‘just-rite’ size.

Then I passed Bakerzin, and I texted my friend that I waited there. The waitress offered me promo package menu, which consisted of appetizer, main course and beverages, for a special price. Wow…who didn’t love special price??? So I choose Summer Salad rather than Caesar Salad (for me Caesar Salad little bit salty, and I never tried Summer Salad and the best was it had light dressing, not creamy), Aglio Olio for Main Course (as always) and mineral water for drink.

The salad was perfect, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, and caramelised nuts. I have no idea with the dressing. Probably balsamic vinegar, but had sweet taste. I have to order it some day in a full portion. And my husband will love it ‘cos no cheese on it. He hates cheese. So no guitly feel after munching those salad.



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