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Knee Joint Hurt

November 26, 2009

I got knee attack. I didn’t know how to mention it. But i drove around the city, then when i stopped, i put my right leg on the road, then it hit my knee. The pain. Seems like my knee joint didn’t fit properly. And it hurt sooo badly. I could  barely walk. It happened at the lunch time. So.. rest of the day, it getting better. I still drove way home, and at noon went to mall with wedges. Feel comfort rather than flat shoes.

After i went home from mall, i sat in front of my computer for a while, its already nite, then when i stood up, it happened again. Worse. I couldn’t walk to the bathroom. I had to hold something, as my foot couldn’t straight forward. 

The day after, i went to knee and shoulder doctor (though i feel ok in the morning), my husband pushed me to go. Doctor said it wasn’t about my bone, it was my ligamen, the joint. He wanted me to go to radiology to do the MRI scan for my right knee. He said probably because my obsession with high heels. And lately, am addicted to cycling at the gym. Not related to Calcium intake. Yes, Glucosamine might be help. What happen with my knee? Was it Arthritis? Am not sure.

Well, my choice was going home without scanning. Because i feel good. Just remind to myself that whatever i do, do it nice, and proper. Not in sudden act or rush. I know someday it will happen again.



The Movie: Julie and Julia

November 19, 2009

I read the reviews, they said this movie about blogging and cooking, thus who love blogging and cooking, will love this movie. Blogging–am addicted (even i’m not everyday blogger), cooking–woot–not really my  hobby, but sometimes i cooked for my family, especially my kids ‘cos they rarely complained. But I DO love cooking show. I adores Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson (she’s great, isn’t she?? She makes full fat food and she’s soo happy being not skinny)… 

So, I watched it. Not same with my imagination. The cooking scenes not too much, especially desert. Me, as a sweet tooth waiting for delicious-drooling-make-chocolate-something. But there was only choc pie, and choc cake. Well I realised that movie is not a cooking show. So….little bit boring for me, but I DO love Julia Child character (Meryl Streep is gorgeous, as always) even i’m not sure why she hate Julie Powell. And I like Eric Powell  reaction when he ate his wife’s food. He really appreciate her.

Am craving for bruschetta afterward. 

Reusable Bags

November 13, 2009

Have I mention I’m in love with reusable bag, that I can fold into small pouch and throw it into my bag. My faves include envirosax who come in funny pics. And its really small when folded, so I keep one in my bag. The rootote came from Japan and the pics is gorgeous, even the pocket bigger than envirosax, the images are tempting, such as donuts, strawberries, cupcakes…


My Last Project…for this month

November 11, 2009

Here’s my last project, for my friend’s baby. Still need red and green color to make it more popping up.



Aarrgghhhh you make me fat….

November 11, 2009

How can I resist this colorful macaroons?? 


Beautiful gift from my BFF.

Desktop Calendar

November 5, 2009

When i visit the, just found the way to make desktop calendar wallpaper for my computer. Just pick your fave photo then play with the edit room, voila…here’s mine:


Eggs Benedicts

November 3, 2009

I saw my friend ate this, and then it became my fave at Coffee Bean.  I never order other breakfast except Eggs Ben. This is from Coffee Bean S’pore. Slightly different from here. Here, they gave us dried peach, pear and prune as a sweet thing. But, there, lettuce plus almond and dried cherries will company the egg. Still, the egg is the best. Laying on top of slice bread, and slice of turkey ham, slice of cheddar cheese, then poached egg, with the perfect-cook egg yolk, poured by cheese sauce.