The Movie: Julie and Julia

I read the reviews, they said this movie about blogging and cooking, thus who love blogging and cooking, will love this movie. Blogging–am addicted (even i’m not everyday blogger), cooking–woot–not really my  hobby, but sometimes i cooked for my family, especially my kids ‘cos they rarely complained. But I DO love cooking show. I adores Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson (she’s great, isn’t she?? She makes full fat food and she’s soo happy being not skinny)… 

So, I watched it. Not same with my imagination. The cooking scenes not too much, especially desert. Me, as a sweet tooth waiting for delicious-drooling-make-chocolate-something. But there was only choc pie, and choc cake. Well I realised that movie is not a cooking show. So….little bit boring for me, but I DO love Julia Child character (Meryl Streep is gorgeous, as always) even i’m not sure why she hate Julie Powell. And I like Eric Powell  reaction when he ate his wife’s food. He really appreciate her.

Am craving for bruschetta afterward. 


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