Knee Joint Hurt

I got knee attack. I didn’t know how to mention it. But i drove around the city, then when i stopped, i put my right leg on the road, then it hit my knee. The pain. Seems like my knee joint didn’t fit properly. And it hurt sooo badly. I could  barely walk. It happened at the lunch time. So.. rest of the day, it getting better. I still drove way home, and at noon went to mall with wedges. Feel comfort rather than flat shoes.

After i went home from mall, i sat in front of my computer for a while, its already nite, then when i stood up, it happened again. Worse. I couldn’t walk to the bathroom. I had to hold something, as my foot couldn’t straight forward. 

The day after, i went to knee and shoulder doctor (though i feel ok in the morning), my husband pushed me to go. Doctor said it wasn’t about my bone, it was my ligamen, the joint. He wanted me to go to radiology to do the MRI scan for my right knee. He said probably because my obsession with high heels. And lately, am addicted to cycling at the gym. Not related to Calcium intake. Yes, Glucosamine might be help. What happen with my knee? Was it Arthritis? Am not sure.

Well, my choice was going home without scanning. Because i feel good. Just remind to myself that whatever i do, do it nice, and proper. Not in sudden act or rush. I know someday it will happen again.



3 Responses to “Knee Joint Hurt”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    you poor thing, granny… hihihihihi

  2. Meuti Says:

    How come I didn’t know the accident as no one had told me yet…well bad news is not a good news anyway.. same way happened with me couple of years ago, my right ankle was hurt too coz one of my mom’s old king-size bed’s leg was broken and befalling on mine… i was too afraid to undergo some medical examination..good for you..

  3. Lydia Says:

    Eerrrkkpp! That sounds awful T_T I once had a tendinitis on my lower back. It was due to sitting in an awkward position for about 5 hours (I was taking an exam at the time). The x-ray result came back normal, but I had to take strong painkillers and couldnt go to work for a week. Since then I’ve been trying to walk and sit properly (no slouching!) but most of the time I fail. Please be kind to your feet and knees okay..

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