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The Most Delicious Cupcake’s Frosting

December 26, 2009

This is maybe the most delicious frosting that i have for now. Made from marzipan but had more white chocolate taste, rather than almond. I do love almond, but am not expecting taste them on top of cupcake. The texture is smooth and very cute, is it?


Avatar The Movie

December 26, 2009

First time I saw the poster, i thought of like : what kind of strange movie it is? Blue-ish creature that had cat-nose shape? Seemed like odd movie, about uncommon creature. My kid asked me to watch them because of his friend saw it. And for almost 3 hours long? i thought i’ll sleep during the show, i just companied him.

But…this is a must see movie… Magnificent….Superb…whatelse?? The story was about greedy humans that wanna destroy the beautiful life of Na’vi people who lived in the Pandora Planets. The animations such a WOW. I can’t wait to go home and see the website to see although I refused too see it couple days ago when my son saw it to me.

Well, you have to see the movie..already nominated for best pictures in Golden Globe Awards.

You can see the the trailer here. And am curious with the 3d edition, even though i can imagine to wear 3d glasses for almost 3hrs.

New Books

December 24, 2009

My friend gave me two books from her last vacation. I always love book things. Whatever book it is, i love to hold, smell and read it.

She gave me Eat, Pray and Love from Elizabeth Gilbert, actually i read this book couple month ago but i don’t mind read it again ‘cos i love this book. Gilbert already released her new book “Committed”.

Another book is What The Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell. I never read his books, but i will do someday, till my friend gave me. And i love him. I like his writing style. Since English is not my prime language, i didn’t find serious difficulties to read this non-fiction book. Haven’t finish yet, so i’ll talk about it later.

Well, this year is almost ended, many hopes and wishes that we think. Hopefully next year will be better and our wish list will be checked.

For today i’ll write down my wish list books:

1. After What The Dog Saw, of course: another Gladwell’s books: Outliers, Blink and Tipping Point.

2. Paulo Coelho books. None of him i’ve been read.

3. Pride and Prejudice. Read for couple chapters and still in my bedside table.

4. The Guernsay Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Recommended by my sis.

uhhmm whatelse??

Ninja Assassin

December 10, 2009

Just came home after BFF nite’s out watched the Korean guy movie: Ninja Assassin.

Although my kids in attracted in the movie title, this movie is a big NO-NO for your kids. Bloods splattered everywhere. Beating, stabbing and killing are such a 3 meals in a day.

Rain (the Korean guy) that had gorgeous body was cool (even am not a fan of him) acted like Ninja. The story itself not too special, about a kid who raised to became ninja, then betrayed his teacher and almamater. Then he had to fight with other alumns because they were all wanna kill him.

Ninjas themselves are very cool. I like the way the crawling on the wall, and the hidden face, covered by all black costume. Really cool.  Don’t forget their weapon. The stick, the samurai, the chain..Not too mention their killing habit. Are they really exist??

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December 9, 2009

This blanket just finished today, had to wash it before give it to my friend’s baby. Hope my friend like it. Well even not for her babies, her daughter may wear it in the rainy days.


December 9, 2009

This is chicklit book, told about 32 yo mom who moved in to NY and had to adapted with high-society moms and her mom-in-law goddess. Haven’t finished it since last year, and Three Cups of the Tea on the way finish too. Yup, two books in a row.

Quiche Lorraine

December 9, 2009

My son adores Smoked Beef n Cheese Quiche from Starbucks, i tried to make it. After browsing and watching youtube and buy pie-crust from Betty Crocker, am ready.

This is my real first time, to make pie crust and to rolling it. Please don’t laugh if you see the picture. I put pistachios to prevent from bubbling. And the result was….little bit overly cooked. But the taste was quite good because i put more cream on it rather than the recipes told me.

My son love it even though i know he still prefer Starbucks.

New Moon…

December 5, 2009

I really wanna be as a daily blogger. Yes, i read people’s blog everyday, but i DIDN’T write my blog everyday. Sometimes after taking pics it takes ages to upload to the computer. Sometimes am not in the mood in typing, sometimes when my mood is UP, kids’ mood are UP too, so they disturbed me very well. So here it is. Today blogging, tomorrow off, start in three days after.

So when I watched New Moon last Friday, i had the mood to write it down now.

Welcoming Jacob.

New Moon (on book) is not my fave. So when everybody wanna see this movie, i wasn’t enthusiasm. But whole part of the movie, OK. The director almost success to make it near the book. But still couldn’t stand for Edward glittering. Looks like wearing glittering powder and wanna go to show. 

The werewolves are very cool. I always love animation. And those animals were huge. So cool. 

Bella, beautiful as it was…missing Edward here, Kirsten Stewart really can play suffering Bella, and confuse whether she had to choose cool Edward or hot-blood Jacob.

And Jacob, (Lautner really worked hard to be adult Jacob. In 16 years old, and had body like a man) He’s awesome. No wonder he had his own fan. His acting was good. Poor Jacob, trying to steal Bella’s heart, which hers always for Edward. 

And the vampire…Edward Cullen, he looked skinny and weak beside Jacob. But still win Bella’s heart. Lucky Bella who had two monster that always tried to protect her. The Cullens appeared for a while, but Alice was really cool. In the end we were facing another vampires. The Volturis. They, as the oldest clan wanna take Edward’s life, cos he was willing too. He loved Bella so much that he couldn’t facing the fact that Bella died because of cliff-diving.

What a pome..

December 1, 2009

Pomegranates….what a beautiful name, and taste, and color, and texture…

Unfinished Project

December 1, 2009

Urrghh, sometimes, in my middle project, i feel no-right. The pattern, or the color, or the yarn…just not-right. So i unraveled the yarns, and re-made again, or just stopped and made it into balls again. And am not stick-to-one project person. I like to jump here and there, so i don’t get bored.

Oh, and here’s the list:

1. My friend’s baby blanket

2. Baby blanket, i just keep it for someone’s gift later

3. Shrug, for myself

4. Try to make fingerless gloves, my son wants them sooo badly

5. Learn to knit in 4 needles.

6. Almost forget, finishing my friend’s blanket (she already made it and need my help to sew together)


Notes: needs to complete them soon….as pending some works is my specialities 😦