My First Choux Pastry

This is my first Choux Pastry that I made by myself. My mum used to make it when i was kid, and before she poured cream/custard inside them, we already finished it. Unfilling. This is what i hope when i made these pastry. Unfortunately, they didn’t. Just ate around 4-6 and they left. 

However, it’s so easy to make, can’t believe i made them properly. Oh, here’s where i got the recipee. And i used spoon to make it rounded.

My husband confuse b’coz no custard inside. He loves Beard Papa Choux Pastry and concluded  that i have to put something. Well, too lazy to stir the milk/cream, i melted the choc bar with cream then garnished above the pastry. Not inside them. 

Well, i’ll someday.


3 Responses to “My First Choux Pastry”

  1. r.a.r.u Says:

    i miss those days….

  2. c c Says:

    Pake gula alus d tabur d atasnya jg ocre…

  3. Meuti Says:

    your husband’s fave is my fave too… however papa beard’s custard is too milky… smell it before eating… have you tried whipped cream for the filling?…it smells vanilla and tastes sweet…

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