Unfinished Project

Urrghh, sometimes, in my middle project, i feel no-right. The pattern, or the color, or the yarn…just not-right. So i unraveled the yarns, and re-made again, or just stopped and made it into balls again. And am not stick-to-one project person. I like to jump here and there, so i don’t get bored.

Oh, and here’s the list:

1. My friend’s baby blanket

2. Baby blanket, i just keep it for someone’s gift later

3. Shrug, for myself

4. Try to make fingerless gloves, my son wants them sooo badly

5. Learn to knit in 4 needles.

6. Almost forget, finishing my friend’s blanket (she already made it and need my help to sew together)


Notes: needs to complete them soon….as pending some works is my specialities 😦


2 Responses to “Unfinished Project”

  1. c c Says:

    Where’s my blanky??!! ;-p

  2. gita Says:

    mbakkk salam kenal ya:)
    waah mbaknya mahir banget….. kapan2 saya tanya2 boleh ya soal crochet:)

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