New Moon…

I really wanna be as a daily blogger. Yes, i read people’s blog everyday, but i DIDN’T write my blog everyday. Sometimes after taking pics it takes ages to upload to the computer. Sometimes am not in the mood in typing, sometimes when my mood is UP, kids’ mood are UP too, so they disturbed me very well. So here it is. Today blogging, tomorrow off, start in three days after.

So when I watched New Moon last Friday, i had the mood to write it down now.

Welcoming Jacob.

New Moon (on book) is not my fave. So when everybody wanna see this movie, i wasn’t enthusiasm. But whole part of the movie, OK. The director almost success to make it near the book. But still couldn’t stand for Edward glittering. Looks like wearing glittering powder and wanna go to show. 

The werewolves are very cool. I always love animation. And those animals were huge. So cool. 

Bella, beautiful as it was…missing Edward here, Kirsten Stewart really can play suffering Bella, and confuse whether she had to choose cool Edward or hot-blood Jacob.

And Jacob, (Lautner really worked hard to be adult Jacob. In 16 years old, and had body like a man) He’s awesome. No wonder he had his own fan. His acting was good. Poor Jacob, trying to steal Bella’s heart, which hers always for Edward. 

And the vampire…Edward Cullen, he looked skinny and weak beside Jacob. But still win Bella’s heart. Lucky Bella who had two monster that always tried to protect her. The Cullens appeared for a while, but Alice was really cool. In the end we were facing another vampires. The Volturis. They, as the oldest clan wanna take Edward’s life, cos he was willing too. He loved Bella so much that he couldn’t facing the fact that Bella died because of cliff-diving.


One Response to “New Moon…”

  1. Meuti Says:

    For me .. It’s too pathetic (LOL)to know that they (Edward and Bella) in the end will be together and have a baby… too exaggerated… i prefer to let them live separately in their own life but still keep watching each other… i love angel and buffy anyway…

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