Avatar The Movie

First time I saw the poster, i thought of like : what kind of strange movie it is? Blue-ish creature that had cat-nose shape? Seemed like odd movie, about uncommon creature. My kid asked me to watch them because of his friend saw it. And for almost 3 hours long? i thought i’ll sleep during the show, i just companied him.

But…this is a must see movie… Magnificent….Superb…whatelse?? The story was about greedy humans that wanna destroy the beautiful life of Na’vi people who lived in the Pandora Planets. The animations such a WOW. I can’t wait to go home and see the website to see although I refused too see it couple days ago when my son saw it to me.

Well, you have to see the movie..already nominated for best pictures in Golden Globe Awards.

You can see the the trailer here. And am curious with the 3d edition, even though i can imagine to wear 3d glasses for almost 3hrs.


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