Movie of this week: Sherlock Holmes

I wanted to see this movie soooo badly. First, of course because Mr. Downey Jr. plus his partner, Mr. Law. Second, because Mr. Guy Ritchie is the director.

As you can guess, Mr. Ritchie’s movies (SnatchLock, Stock and Two  Smoking Barrels and Rocknrolla) are extraordinary kind that you have something to think and discuss them afterward. Last film I saw was Revolver. That was really nerd movie, but it was his style. And I always love the English accent, although Downey Jr. didn’t talk like English man. Too bad.

Sherlock Holmes here was investigate for some curious case. And Holmes with his own way find that mystic things around the city could be solved by the logic. That ‘fears’ could be made and be influenced for peoples.

Well, it’s not suitable for people who wanna relax and find fun, because the movie won’t be quite as we expect. Too loud and too many fighting scene. Very Guy Ritchie’s. But I like it.



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