My Crochet Tools

This is my best crochet tools ever. I knew it from my mentor, Mrs. E, that if you use Clover, you won’t get stiff fingers. And yes. It works. I crochet all day and my fingers just stay in the big grip. Look closer, they have beautiful, rounded, smooth hooks. I bought as a set. Consists of 8 various size needles. From size C (2.5mm) to J (6.00mm). Their prices is quite expensive but really worth it. And they came in beautiful tapestry case. Vintage, huh.

I do have bigger needles, size K, (6.5mm) called The Crochet Lite and funny is, it has light on it. So I can crochet while my hubby sleeping and turn off the light. You can see that i put it in my Clover case. That is. Unfortunately it was broken, so i had to put tape around it, so bye-bye the light.

Am not fans of small needles. I bought it from local brand, Tulip. But I rarely use it. Clover has this small size as well, of course with their famous big grip. I haven’t buy it yet ‘cos I don’t need it. I put it in my Clover case too.

And i adore this Clover Reflections Hook Set. Look younger and more fun, and you can take it while you are in flight ‘cos they’re made from plastic. But haven’t find it yet. Aren’t they beautiful??


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